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Practice Makes Per Practice Makes Perfect

Publication Date:  2018-05-31
License:  Registered Access external
Paul Bardos and Nick Willenbrock
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A significant amount of soil and other excavated materials from development sites are still disposed of as waste at landfill sites every year, estimated at more than 30m tonnes. Very often these materials could be reused, often fairly readily, on other developments sites, such as for engineering fill or landscaping, for example. However, the structure of waste regulations, resulting from the Waste Framework Directive, do not always make this reuse straight-forward. It is the express aim of the Environment Agency to “encourage the appropriate remediation of brownfield land” and “reduce the amount of material that is sent for disposal”1. In 2009, a Code of Practice initiative for the development industry, known as the “DoW-CoP”, was published and instigated by CL:AIRE in cooperation with the Environment Agency and many other stakeholders.

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