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There Are More Than Three Reasons to Consider Sustainable Remediation, a Dutch Perspectiv There Are More Than Three Reasons to Consider Sustainable Remediation, a Dutch Perspective.

Publication Date:  2017-03-06
License:  Registered Access external
Slenders, HLA, Bakker, L, Bardos, P, Verburg, R, and Alphenaar, A,
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This article provides an overview of the developments concerning sustainable remediation (SR) from the authors’ perspective. A short history of policy development is outlined, in which the focus mainly lies on the Netherlands since this is the homeland of the majority of the authors. The Netherlands is a densely populated country with high pressure on land and was in the forefront of developments in soil policy. The authors plead for simplicity in approaches, as history has proven that the simpler theory more often is true, and above all will better be understood by stakeholders and, thus, will more easily lead to consensus. Implicitly the authors make clear that SR not only has benefits from a societal, economic, and environmental point of view, but if the methodologies are implemented correctly, it leads to more robust and supported decision making. Moreover, it opens the road to flexible and integral remedial objectives that enable innovative and creative solutions for soil and groundwater contamination. The proposed methodologies and creative innovations are illustrated with full-scale operational cases. ©2017 Wiley Periodicals, Inc.

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