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Waste Management Model Annexed repo Waste Management Model Annexed report

Publication Date:  2003-11-30
License:  Registered Access external
Bardos, P. and Ovens, D
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The summary report considers the local realities of waste management in terms of waste procurement, treatment technologies, and use of composts and markets, with an overview of the regulatory status for the project. The position and the involvement of the district authorities, both from the aspect of procuring waste and also from the environmental regulation and governmental requirements that constrain the districts will also be considered .It will be essential that the districts who consider Markham Willows as a partner for the treatment of their waste can do so in complete confidence that they will meet best value guide lines criteria and that the use of Markham Willows stands up to auditable scrutiny. An important aspect of the Markham Willows project is its approach to the treatment of the colliery spoil surface. Sewage sludge has been traditionally used to provide nutrients for growth promotion in remediation projects. For the Markham Willows project a mixture of sewage sludge and compost will be used for the formation of a new topsoil horizon while leaving the existing spoil heap surface in situ. Subsequent applications of compost as a mulch will provide additional organic matter and provide the humic conditions necessary for continued growth of the willow.

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