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Baseline survey on socio-economic impact for Wetlan Baseline survey on socio-economic impact for Wetland+®

Publication:  IWA 17th International Conference on Wetland Systems for Water Pollution Control, 6 – 10 November 2022, Lyon, France
Publication Date:  2022-11-06
License:  Registered Access external
Svermova, P., Buresova, J. and Bardos, P.
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Sustainable remediation is the practice of demonstrating, that the benefit of undertakingremediation is greater than its impact and that the optimum remediation solution is selectedthrough the use of a balanced decision-making process. Assessing sustainable remediation is siteand project specific, and is strongly multifactorial across a wide range of categories, which may ormay not be readily quantifiable. A series of 45 indicators across environment, society, andeconomy impacts were used to evaluate the relative sustainability of using an advanced form ofwetland treatment for contaminated waters. This Wetland+® remedial technology was comparedto one of the conventional wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) and the no-action scenario TheWetland+® remedial technology was designed and constructed on a full scale at Hajek (CzechRepublic) to treat HCH contaminated water. In this initial qualitative assessment the general trendof sustainability was Wetland+® > WWTP > no intervention. The assessment will continue with abroader group of stakeholders.

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