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HOMBRE D 6.2 integrated framework for systematic evaluation of brownfield regeneration[Onl HOMBRE D 6.2 integrated framework for systematic evaluation of brownfield regeneration[Online]

Publication Date:  2014-11-27
License:  Registered Access external
Ashmore, M., Nathanail, P., Bardos, P., Storey, P.,
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Markham Vale is a former colliery site in the East Midlands of England, between the city of Chesterfield and the town of Bolsover. Since the early 2000s a redevelopment scheme has been in progress on the site which seeks to replace the skilled engineering industry lost when the colliery and other surrounding engineering industry closed. The Brownfield REMIT/RESPONSE tool is a systems-based application which allows a site to be analysed within the context of the urban system within which it resides: examining how the project might affect the system and how the system might affect the project. Thus it allows comparisons between competing plans for a site, or analysis of a plan for bottlenecks or weaknesses. The application of the tool requires a conceptual model of the site and system to be constructed including information concerning the environmental, economic and social aspects. The system is broken down into a series of ‘component’ parts, and the relationships between pairs of components described in order to assess how the relationship, and ultimately system, the will respond to a system perturbation (i.e. redevelopment).

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